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As with any story - ours is constantly evolving. It all started with The Quiver. Rewind to 2015, three years into Casey Magner’s position as the head bicycle mechanic for Holowesko Citadel Professional cycling team. Casey was in need of a contraption that housed and allowed swift access to the multitude of tools needed during the season. Out came The Quiver. With minimal knowledge of sewing, but a zeal for creating, Casey was able to construct a quality product, that would last years into the future, that was also the perfect fit for the intended use. Little did he know, a few years later, he would begin to create a line of products that aligned with that same purpose.

Magner Co. was founded in October 2017 upon Casey’s retirement from the cycling team. The machines, fabric, leather, hardware, and other miscellaneous tools were purchased and the company began as a one man show with occasional assistance from close friends and family. What began with The Quiver, evolved into a full blown operation to create bags and other items that ideally serve as tools for Doers. To this day, Casey aims to design products that make life easier, simpler, and infinitely more positive.


Headquartered in a small shed on the outskirts of downtown Athens, Magner Co. continues to grow. Our goal will always be to evolve our designs and create products that build connections and relationships within our community and beyond. We hope that as consumers, our products assist you in living simply, and living well. 

Designed by Users, Made for Doers. #BagsWorthHangingOnto