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A customer had a purse from her travels to Peru which was worn and in need of repair. Discovering that the lined inner face of the wool was still in great condition, we decided to re-purpose the material as a liner for a flop-top purse. 


We used our usual Wicket & Craig purse bottom and strap with denim from the historic White Oak Mill in Greensboro, NC where Cone Denim has been weaving denim for over 100 years. The pattern in their 'Selvage' denim, which is woven on the old machines, supposedly shows a rhythm of the looms rocking on the original wood floor during operation. If that sounds crazy to you, it does to us too. Read more here:

We did a light wax finish on the denim sides. 



To save some of the original purse fabric for another project, the Peruvian wool only lined the first several inches of the new purse, leaving the rougher work at the bottom of the bag to our normal cotton twill liner.


We put in a magnet snap.


We mounted the straps with some old stock cotton webbing. 

Check it out in the light box: